Guitar Hero

I have a new guitar hero. I’ve been reading Stephen Nichols book called “Getting the Blues; what blues music teaches us about suffering and salvation”.

There are several very compelling themes that he unfolds but among the best is a short discussion about a song Blind Gary Davis sings called “Crucifixion”.  If you have a rhapsody account you can find it and listen to the song.

I started there and couldn’t help but listen to a series of songs and just come away with this sense that (a) this man loves the salvation the Christ brings from the brokenness of this world and (b) man this brother can play a guitar the way its supposed to be played!

I can’t seem to post any of the you tube videos at the moment but search for blind gary davis and you’ll find some cools stuff (unfortunately youtube doesn’t seem to have crucifixion).

Great Songs:  Death don’t have no mercy; Trying to get home; I belong to the band